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2022 Videos

The talks from TEDxYouth@DoyleAve 2022 are now available! The following order is the order in which the talks took place on March 17th, 2022. 

Daisy Osberg

It's Okay Not Knowing

What's After Graduation

Aria Haller

Tupl's Captíkwł Can Lead Us

to Truth & Reconciliation

Cassidy Kurtz

Breaking the Stigma on Mental Health

Farah Abboud

Your Idea of Me is Stereotypical

Sarah Walter

Using ADHD to Your Advantage

Gurnoor Chawla

Stop Toasting Marshmallows

Over a Burning World

Katie Jones

Let's Open Up Our Ears

to Mental Health

Thomas Abresch

It's Hard to Be Yourself

Our Voice for Change

Erin Work, Lexie Pfenning, Annabelle Lee, Caitlin Mahony

Dissection: Our Past, Not Our Future

2022 Photos

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