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12:30 PM

Registration/Door Opens

01:00 PM

Andre Picard
A Look at All the Lonely People

Dr. Susan Murch
Food for the Future

Renee Wasylyk
Awake in Your Dreams

Andre Boysen
How Identity will Create a Nation of Healthcare Heroes

2:10 PM

Pre-recorded TED Talk

02:30 PM

30 Minute Intermission

03:00 PM

Dr. Nathan Pelletier
A Conflicted Farmer on the Future of Food and Sustainability

Camille Saltman
A.I. for Good

Saul Katz
A Different Way of Looking at Food

Dr. Eric Kuelker
Why Psychological Injuries are the Deadliest of Them All

04:00 PM

Pre-recorded TED Talk

04:30 PM